It is my privilege to be honored wishing heartiest greeting to our valued customers and well-wishers around the world.

We have started our journey a couple of decades back establishing on of the best fish processing plant in Bangladesh. Aftab Group is one the largest Group in Bangladesh where Frozen Foods is a prestigious concern of itself. However, our activities are not only limited to fish processing industries but also over the years we have successfully diversified our business into Textile, Garments, Foods, Pumps, Milk & Milk products, Real Estate, Pesticide & Fertilizers and Hotels & Resorts.

As a result of expanding its business day by day, is always ready to serve its most valuable clients for then achieving the business goal established with its very aggressive drive to what service the clients need, to serve how efficiently and to resolve in time the challenge.

Our employees are the most important assets to the success of our business. Integrity, teamwork and accountability are the core values, on which we build your trust. Superior product quality, strong commitments to our customers and timely delivery have contributed to the success of our growth.

Inshallah, we will continue to focus on expanding our business in order to create more jobs to elevate poverty in our society.

Thank You
Iftekharul Islam
Chairman & Managing Director
Aftab Group